Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pure Ice Stardust... I'm in LOVE with this one!!

This is a discontinued color from Pure Ice back when they had the frosted bottles with the black lids (anyone remember those). I have a few different Pure Ice colors in the old bottles for sale in my store including more of this beauty. Pure ice was my favorite I was younger... well I still love them now too :) I was very happy to find some of these amazing discontinued colors and offer them in my store.  
Inside Artificial Light W/flash

Indirect Sunlight No Flash

Direct Sunlight No Flash

Direct Sunlight No flash

Artificail Light No flash
Stardust truly is the definition of a foil. It's an AMAZING Glowy blue foil with silver shimmer. Stardust glows in the the sunlight and sparkles in artificial light. I really truly love this color and Yes I kept one for myself ;) 

Hop you enjoyed this stunning color and in case you are wondering it can be found HERE

Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Simple Steps to Rock Red Lipstick:

I posted this a while ago on Facebook but I have a few new followers now so I thought I would share it again for all my new followers. It's becoming fall and I especially LOVE red lips for fall or winter (though in my opinion red lips are always in style).
Want to find the exact product I'm wearing? Just click on the link words below to find the products :)

Red Lips are ALWAYS in Fashion so here are 5 Simple Steps to Rock Red Lipstick:

1: Pick the Right Shade of Red for your skin color.
Warm skin with olive or yellow undertones:  choose a lipstick with orange or brown tones. (Think brick red or fire-engine red.)
Cool skin with pinkish or reddish undertones: choose a red lipstick with blue or pink tones.
When in doubt a True red looks Fabulous on every skin tone!

I have a warm skin tone so I am wearing Personi Lipstick in “Chocolate” which is actually a Brick red, and  clear lipgloss.

2: Subtle Eye Makeup and Blush.
Since Red Lipstick is so dramatic you want to do very little with your eyes and very sheer blush. If you do dramatic eyes and blush with red lipstick it can look like you are wearing way to much make up (Clown face).  In the picture above I am wearing a light dusting of shimmer powder on my cheeks, a light pink shimmer eye shadow just on the eyelid, Mascara, and No eyeliner.  
For dark eye shades like mine I recommend no eyeliner. With lighter eye shades I would recommend a thin line of liner right on the lash line.
3: Don’t let it bleed.
Red lipstick has a tendency to bleed into the fine lines of the face. This is especially true with thin lips or aged skin. I do not recommend lip liner unless it matches the lipstick EXACTLY (which we all know never
happens). Instead of liner put a small dab of concealer or foundation primer on your finger and run it lightly along your lip line. This will keep your lipstick from bleeding without the crazy 80’s look of red lip liner.  (Oh! And don’t forget to check your teeth before you leave the house no one likes lipstick teeth)
4:  Dress to impress.
 Remember Red lips are dramatic, so you might want to stay away from dressing too bold. A little black dress is one of my favorite accents to red lips. But you can also look amazing with a simple light top, jeans, and heels. Just stay away from a bright red dress with bright red lips (you might hurt someone’s eyes).
5: Confidence is key!
Nothing makes those bold red lips look better then a Beautifully Confident Women.