Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charcoal Ombre mani

I have been acquiring a lot of charcoal gray polishes lately. So I decided to do them as ombre nails.  Well after I finished I was rather disappointed with the way it turned out. My DH was kind enough to blurt out “That looks stupid” when he saw them… so I said “Thanks honey, I know” as I glared daggers at him.  But I decided to take pics anyway. Since I had them all on they would make good comparison pics.
Here is the line up of what I used:

(natural lght)
From thumb to pinky
Milani 2.0, OPI Lucerne-taninly Look Marvelous, Essence Magnetics Hex Hex, Revlon Steel-her Heart, Wet N wild Black Diamonds.

(with flash)

The bottle Line up

2.0, LLM, Hex Hex, Steel-her Heart, and Black Diamonds

Now here’s some close ups of each

Milani 2.0- This one is AMAZING!! I got this back in my muggle days and have no idea what collection it’s from. There is very little info out there about it. I know it is different from Charmed which I had at one time also. Charmed is Black with silver glitter and 2.0 is more if a Charcoal Gray Foil with tons of shimmer. I feel like I need a leather jacket when I wear this polish, it’s Bad A**.

OPI Lucerne-taninly Look Marvelous- I just got this one in a swap and it was defiantly a WIN! I love it… Look how sparkly! It’s pretty sheer so this is 4 coats. But I think I like that it’s sheer because I can use it to layer over some other dark colors.

Essence Magnetic Hex Hex- This one was my biggest disappointment. In the bottle it looks SUPER shimmery but on the nail all the shimmer is hidden. Maybe the shimmer hides because it’s a magnetic. I also tried to use the magnet on this one and… nothing happened… Fail :(

Revlon Steel-her Heart- This one was my second disappointment. I looks SO pretty in the bottle and applied very nicely. Then about 10 mins later it bubbled like MAD! I love the color but if it’s gonna bubble then it ruins the beauty. (And nothing else bubbled so there must be something up with this one)

Wet N Wild Black Diamonds- I have always know I love this one. It’s a really nice almost black color. It applies like a dream with only 2 coats. It really looks like a sheet of gun metal on your nails!

I just don’t like this mani all together, I think the colors are all to similar and actually clash.

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