Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!!

Welcome to my Beauty By Crystal Blog!! Since this is my first post I will use it to give you an idea of what to expect from my blog. First I will not bombard you with advertising for my store. I will however let you know whenever we are having fantastic sales and giveaways. This blog is to mostly give you a feel of what Crystal from Beauty By Crystal is all about. This will be a fun beauty blog!

Here's a little background on my Ebay store; it was started about a year ago as a little hobby to give me some extra spending money. I am a stay at home mother (this term makes me laugh how many moms actually spend all day at home... I know I spend most of my day out running around like a crazy person) with 2 children and husband that works a crazy schedule. I wanted some fun spending money for myself, so after much research I decided I would sell cosmetics and other beauty products on Ebay. My humble little store started off very slow but has really taken off in the last 6 months and now it keeps me pretty busy. Over time my inventory doubled and now we just purchased a new home with much less storage space. So right now my store is on vacation status because I am currently restructuring a lot of my inventory.  I sell drug store cosmetics, some of my products come from huge liquidation lots from stores that have gone out of business. I also buy lots of overstock lots and sometimes I'll find good deals on new wholesale products. Some of my products are "shelf pulls" this means they were on a shelf in a store but didn't sell and they ended up in my hands to sell at super low prices. Okay so that's enough about my products now on to why I sell cosmetics. I LOVE cosmetics I especially LOVE Nail Polish! The key to success on Ebay is to sell what you love, and that's what I do. I also love lipstick and glosses but my love for nail polish has also turned into a hobby for me. I love painting my nails after the kids go to sleep, I also love collecting interesting colors. Yes I keep many of the polishes that are for sell in my store (wouldn't you). I never sell knock off brands and will never buy from a supplier that has been known to sell knock-offs. I also have no shame in selling items at their going rate. If I list a bottle of nail polish for .99 cents and it gets bid up to $20 that's not my fault and I don't feel bad about it. But I try not to price gouge for Hard to find products and list them at super high prices.

I frequent nail blogs and love to read the nail forums on MakeUpAlley.com .... Don't worry girls I'm not one of those Ebay sellers that is there for information to rip you off with (I can't even find most of those hard to find products for myself anyway.). I love posting Nails Of The Day photos on Make Up Alley so I will be sharing those here with you guys too.... What is that you said?... You want to see one now?... Ok here ya go.
This is Icing- Epic Winning over Zoya-Dove. Neither of these are sold at Beauty By Crystal... Sorry

Wow hmmm what else should I tell you.... This blog is for FUN and only FUN! If I love my make up one day then I'll snap a picture and share it. If I find an amazing product that I love (even if it's not in my inventory) then I'll tell you about it and let you know where you can find it. If I find other amazing blogs I'll let you know. If I have a fun new mani I'll show it to you. If I buy an awesome new pair of shoes... You get it right :)

In conclusion I'm just here to blog about all the beauty things I love and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.
Ps: Nbers I know so many of you hate the Bay of Evil... but I hope you wont hate me :)


  1. You're starting off great!! Whoo Hoo!! I have to check you out on ebay as well.

    You mani looks lovely :)

  2. Thank you so much!! Also thanks for the great tips!


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