Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zoya Spam Promotion Celebration

In light of Zoya's amazing annual New Year Promotion I decided to share all my manis that included Zoya colors that I have photographed .

If you don't know what's going on, right now until Sunday Zoya is giving away 3 free polishes and all you have to pay is shipping! Such a GREAT deal!! I actually got hooked on Zoya 3 years ago during the same promotion. The link to the promo information is HERE. Zoya is an amazing company all their products are vegan and one of the least toxic nail polish brands on the market. Which is great for me since my 3 year old daughter loves to have her nails painted. I love that I don't have to worry about putting something toxic and harmful on her.

Well let's get on with the show!
 Zoya  Kimmy

 Zoya Nova
Zoya Nova w/ Flash on

Zoya Mimi

Zoya Yara

Zoya Perrie w/ NOPI Step to the Beat of My Heart

Zoya Cheryl W/ OPI DS Treasure

Zoya Charla Accent nail w/ China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (Charla is the polish that got me hooked on Zoya)

Zoya Kelly w/ Finger paints Twisted

Zoya Dove w/ Icing Epic Winning

Zoya Robyn (Blue) w/ China Glaze Fuchsia Topped with Cover Girl Disco Dazzle 

Here are the color I ordered! I'm so excited I can't wait to get them!

What colors are you getting?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Julep Madison Swatch & Grace Giveaway

So after the holidays with all the glitter and crazy nail art I had going on, I was in desperate need of a pallet cleanser. For many people pallet cleansers are nudes but for me its really anything without glitter or shimmer. Since I had just received my Julep Maven box for January I decided I'd try one the colors I got. January's box was Escape & Unwind themed and contained one nude and one neon polish and a freaking awesome hand and cuticle stick. So of course I went for the "neon" color out of the two which was Madison.

Julep described Madison as an Electric Hot Pink Neon Creme. Though I would describe it as a Bright Coral Jelly. This color was a PAIN to photograph since it kept turning out red in all the photos. The bottle in the first photo is most color accurate. Madison doesn't have the classic matte finish that most neons have and it is most definitely a squishy jelly. I must say I did LOVE the color and it applied like a dream! I have problems with both jellys and neons being streaky and hard to apply. So I was a bit worried about how it would apply but it went on so smooth and evenly with a beautiful jelly finish. 

When I saw this color in the bottle I thought it was a bright red color but to my surprise it was not. The best part about it is that for the past year I have been searching for a coral that matched my kindle case perfectly. I've purchased more corals than I'd like to admit trying to find the "perfect" one. Then while applying Madison, thinking it was going to be a simple red and having it turn out to be the coral I've been searching for over a  year!!! I was ecstatic!!

Here are all the items that came in this month's box.
Hand & Cuticle Stick, Madison, Grace, Swatch Me Stickers, and 3 Neon hair ties.

If you don't know what the Julep Maven Boxes are I HIGHLY recommend you Check Them Out! To sweeten the deal you can use Promo Code MAVENINTRO to get your intro box for only a Penny! Oh and the cuticle oil that comes in the intro box is fabulous!

I have A LOT of nudes in my nail polish collection and I don't need hair ties with my short hair so great news for all of you! I will be giving Grace (A sheer pink nude) and the hair ties away! Enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Makeup Monday

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Best- All Glammed Up... for PROM!!

First I just want thank you all for your patience during the last month. I have been so busy with my family that I took a break from the business. I only did my daily shipping and answered emails. As I have said before my family always comes first. Now that things have calmed down I'm ready to start working again!

Now on to today's Sunday Best... Okay I must point out I did not wear this to church today. This is actually what I wore to a PROM themed party some of my friends threw a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend that if you have never thrown an adult Prom... Do It!! We had a blast and having a built in date that's the love of your life is a major plus.

My hot hubby and I
I wore a long black sequence dress that I picked up from Forever 21 for only $35!!! I personally think this dress looks a lot more expensive! Then because I wanted to make it a bit more modest on top I added a nice black faux velvet bolero that I picked up from Stage on clearance for $12. Stage is like a TINY Khols that is found in small towns (I live in a VERY small town).

The Shoes I wore are and old staple in my closet that I COMPLETELY LOVE! They are perfect for formal events that I know I'll be dancing all night at. I love these cute strapy kitten heels with black rhinestones. Elegant, comfortable and you can boogie all night in them... does it get any better? I picked these shoes up a few years ago at Ross... I don't remember how much they cost.

Anytime I get to go all out with my makeup, I get super excited!! I love dramatic makeup and tons of glitter! So for my eyes I did a smoky eye with silver on the lids. I used my Elf Eyeshadow Pallet and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to create this look. Then for the eyeliner I did a thick cat eye with Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Which is one of my all time favorite products!). Then I did a thin line of glitter eyeliner over the black and as my husband said It really made my eyes sparkle. You can get this glitter liner and other colored glitter liners HERE in my Store. I kept my lips very natural since my eyes were so dramatic. All I wore on my lips was some concealer topped with chap stick. It was nice having simple lips, that way I didn't have to stress about them and I could eat all the snacks I wanted knowing they wouldn't smudge.

All my bling I got at Walmart for $5. I picked the Headband up a while ago on clearance at DownEast Basics for $1.60.

Here are my glitterlicious nails! I did the same thing on my toes too. They were so sparkly and blingy that the pictures don't even do them justice. For this look I did glitter nails using Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz and YES it is available in my Store! To create this look I applied a coat of clear polish then I dipped my finger in the glitter and let is sit for about 5 mins then I topped them with one coat of Gleous and on coat of SV. It only took me about 10 mins and they turned out Ah-Mazing!!

This is my Beautiful Sister In Law! I also LOVED her dress! She wore it with some gray tights and amazing blue suede high heels. She took the heels off for this picture since she is already SO much taller then me. Lol don't mind our silly pose and my duck lips we were just having a little too much fun. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my glammed up Sunday Best! What would you where if you got to go to Prom as an adult?

Check out these links for some more beautiful outfits.

Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Tips to Clearance Sale Shopping

Many of you who follow my Sunday Best posts may have noticed that I buy ALOT of my clothes on clearance. Yes I am a self proclaimed clearance queen! I have been shopping clearance racks for over 15 years now and I have turned it into an art form.

I grew up in a very poor family. We're talking welfare, food stamps, Ramen for dinner, Bradey Bunch 8 kids in one house kind of family. I was the second to youngest and my parents really didn't have the time or money to care if I was "in style". At the tender age of 12 years old I decided I loved fashion to much to keep wearing all the hand me down ugly thrift store clothes I had in my closet. So I took it upon myself to make my own money and buy all my own clothes. That is where my journey began and over the years I have perfected the art of thrifty shopping. So without further ado I bring to you my tip for shopping the clearance racks.

1. Know when to shop: When is the best time to shop the clearance racks? Well it's rather simple... when the seasons are changing. When the Fall/ Winter clothes start coming in the spring/summer clothes start hitting the clearance racks. Usually they start stocking for the next season a month or two before the following season starts. Fall clothes start hitting the racks around August and Spring clothes around February. Guess what though, I know a few secret times to shop when the sales are even deeper. Late October to early November is an amazing time to find extra discounted items. Stores are stocking up for the holidays so if there is anything left in the clearance section it's usually discounted ON TOP of the already low clearance prices. These clothes usually include the previous season's back to school items. You'll see signs that say 50% off clearance items... I picked up a super cute pair of palazo pants for $4 during one of those sales in early November! You can also find deep discounts just after the new years when stores start clearing out all the overstock from the holidays (Right Now!!). This is a great time to load up on accessories and beauty products that stores stocked up on for the holidays and now need to clear out.

2. Buy classics: As you may already know clearance items are the merchandise from the previous season that didn't sale and the stores need to get rid of. That means there are many items on the clearance racks that won't be in style after the season ends. So when shopping the clearance racks you want to avoid highly trendy items and instead look for classic items that will work in your closet for years to come. This way you can save money on the classics and splurge on next seasons hot trends. Here is a list of things to look for:
Neutral colors- Neutrals mix well with almost anything and transcend from season to season.
Classic patterns- Polk-a-dots, simple florals, stripes, and chevrons are some examples of prints that never really go out of style.
Classic shapes- Choose shapes that have always flattered your figure no matter what the current trends are. For me that is dresses with empire waists, shirts that flow away from my midsection, boot cut pants, and high waisted pencil skirts. Figure out what shapes work for you and keep an eye out for them.

Here is a list from of the Top 10 Must Have Women's Wardrobe Staples: Flattering Jeans, A Little Black Dress, Cardigans, Basic Tees, Fitted Blazers, Button-Down Shirts, Pencil Skirts, Black Pants, Trench Coat (I think this could also be a Pea Coat), and a Day Dress.

Keep all these things in mind while browsing the clearance racks and you'll be set.

3. Save Time: Have you ever walked into the "Sale" area of Forever 21 and then walked right back out because it was such a crazy mess that it gave you anxiety just looking at it?  Many people think looking through over crowded clearance racks is too time consuming and stressful. Well guess what! I have found the perfect way to cut down time and anxiety while searching through those mounds of discounted clothes. One thing to remember is the sizes noted on the racks are usually never right. Clothes are always miss placed in the clearance section, so don't limit yourself to just the area that is your size.
Now here is what you do:
Walk up to a rack (I usually start with the one that is my size then work my way around.). Place your hand lightly over each item and walk around the rack. You don't have to look at each piece individually just graze over them. Then only if you see a fabric that speaks to you pull that piece out and look at the whole item. If you don't LOVE it in the first 10 seconds put it back. If you LOVE it check the tag to make sure it's in your size and price range. If so GREAT hang onto it to try on and keep going! If it's the wrong size hang on to it and keep an eye out for that same fabric because you might find it in your size somewhere else. There you have it! Only pull items that speak to you and avoid the rest! So simple right! Years ago I went through every piece of clothing in the clearance sections and it took hours now I'm in and out and onto the next store within minutes.

4. Know when to say "No!":
I used to have the worst problem with buying clothes just because they were on sale and then I'd never wear them. The bottom line is don't buy it if you don't love it!! Make sure you absolutely love it, try it on, think about what else you can wear it with, and how comfortable you are in it. Will you forget about it as soon as you leave the store or will you be thinking about it for days to come? If and only if you think you will get more then your money's worth out of it, buy it. A shirt for $3 isn't a good deal if it just sits in your closet with the tags still on.

5. Stay Ahead On Fashion Trends: Like I motioned earlier clearance items are items that are no longer in season. So in order to make sure you are picking up clearance items that won't be out of style in a month, you need to keep up on fashion trends. If you know what trends are coming in the next couple of seasons you can pick trendier items that will transition well from season to season. Here are a couple examples of how I made this work. At the end of last summer I found an amazing pair of light green skinnies for only $5! Since I knew that one of the fashion trends for next fall/winter would be pops of color I decided they would be a perfect item to transition into the next trend. I also recently picked up a beautiful Kenneth Cole light weight leather jacket only $20 originally $109! I decided this jacket would be perfect because Spring 2013 will include a lot of leather mixed with soft feminine fabrics (which I have tons of yippee!). So if you stay up on what fashion trends are coming in the following seasons you'll be able to pick
out clothes that wont just sit in your closet.

I hope these tips will help you get the most bang for your buck! If you have any further suggestions or comments please feel free to share.