Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Best Elegant and Edgy

Sorry this Sunday Best is a day late. We had a crazy day yesterday and I was only home for a couple hours in the morning then we didn't get home till really late. We had a super fun day going to church and then hanging out with family. Now on to what I wore.

I wanted to go for an elegant edgy look. The beautiful purple I had in my hair a few weeks ago completely washed out and after redyeing it 2 times I decided to give up and had it dyed to a very dark blue black. I absolutely love the black I'm just a little sad my hair refused to be purple. Anyway my black hair has made me feel super edgy lately and I love embracing my dark side. About 9 years ago I went though a "punk" faze in my fashion life and it  has been so fun having a feel of that edginess in my style lately.

I wore this long black maxi dress with from Ross (Have you noticed yet that I am obsessed with Ross).
I chose to wear minimal jewelry with this dress since it has such a beautiful pattern I didn't want to distract from it. So I wore some black earrings and a few bangle bracelets and that's it.  Like a dork I took off my bracelets as soon as I got home from church and forgot to put them back on before I took these pics.
Here are the shoes I wore. These shoes are definitely in my top 10 favorite shoes! They are from Fergalicious by Fergie, I picked these bad boys up on clearance last year at Famous Footwear for $15! 

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  1. I love your new hair color! I liked the purple too...that's too bad it kept washing out! I have dyed my hair bright red before and it was the same way :(

  2. I love dark hair, I'm just not in love with the up keep. Great dress, love the little pop of color in it! And your shoes rock!

  3. Beautiful dress! It suits you very well. I'd love to have a maxi dress but I'm stupidly small so I don't think it would look right! The shoes are so cute!


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