Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look, Feel, and Be Beautiful.

To look, feel, and be beautiful is what mostly every women strives to achieve. I hope in my small way I can help you achieve it. Mostly all the posts on my blog will deal with either looking beautiful, feeling beautiful or being beautiful.  Below you will find a beak down of each category, I will also have a page for each category where you can find all the posts related to that topic.

Look Beautiful:
When you look good you feel good. I love anything fashion/ beauty related. So in this section we will talk all about make-up, mani's, hair, skin care, jewelry, accessories, fashion and anything that will help you look your best.

Feel Beautiful:
Feeling beautiful on the inside means taking good care of your body and your mental health. Over the past couple of years I have turned my life around and have started living a much healthier lifestyle (and lost 20 lbs in the process). So I will be sharing with you healthy recipes, fitness tips and encouragement, stress relief tips, and pretty much anything that deals with keeping your body and mind clean and healthy. Nothing makes you feel more beautiful then when your body is strong and healthy.

Be Beautiful:
I believe that being beautiful isn't just about looking good but being good too. You can be the best looking person in the world and still be one of the ugliest. Being beautiful means caring for yourself and others around you. Here I will discuss topics like having a positive self image, being a good mother, loving the people around you, service and anything that has to do with the best form of beauty... Inner Beauty.

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