Saturday, September 29, 2012

The New Do

OK you guys I have been dying to post this but I have been so super busy this week it took me a while.
So here it is:
I chopped all my hair off and dyed it purple! I LOVE IT!!!!!! This is the craziest shortest hairstyle I have ever had. My poor hubby is not a fan of the cut but at least he likes the color. He likes my classic A-Line Bob that I have been sporting off and on since I was 14.
 The cut I did is called an asymmetrical a-line.... yeah that's a mouth full.

And in other juicy news I just got in another shipment of 1000 nail polishes! There are some BEAUTIFUL colors in this batch and I'll be hard at work over the next few weeks getting these all listed for you.

Well I can't wait to hear what you all think of my new crazy cut! I hope you are all having a beautiful day!


  1. Your hair looks great! And that last photo--oh my, so many bottles!

    P.S. Forgive me if I've already asked you--any chance you'd consider turning off word verification for comments? It makes my eyes go all wonky.

  2. Love the hair! I could never pull off a haircut that short, but it looks fabulous on you! and whoa that is a lot of nail polish!

    I'm a new GFC follower!


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