Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Best- All Glammed Up... for PROM!!

First I just want thank you all for your patience during the last month. I have been so busy with my family that I took a break from the business. I only did my daily shipping and answered emails. As I have said before my family always comes first. Now that things have calmed down I'm ready to start working again!

Now on to today's Sunday Best... Okay I must point out I did not wear this to church today. This is actually what I wore to a PROM themed party some of my friends threw a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend that if you have never thrown an adult Prom... Do It!! We had a blast and having a built in date that's the love of your life is a major plus.

My hot hubby and I
I wore a long black sequence dress that I picked up from Forever 21 for only $35!!! I personally think this dress looks a lot more expensive! Then because I wanted to make it a bit more modest on top I added a nice black faux velvet bolero that I picked up from Stage on clearance for $12. Stage is like a TINY Khols that is found in small towns (I live in a VERY small town).

The Shoes I wore are and old staple in my closet that I COMPLETELY LOVE! They are perfect for formal events that I know I'll be dancing all night at. I love these cute strapy kitten heels with black rhinestones. Elegant, comfortable and you can boogie all night in them... does it get any better? I picked these shoes up a few years ago at Ross... I don't remember how much they cost.

Anytime I get to go all out with my makeup, I get super excited!! I love dramatic makeup and tons of glitter! So for my eyes I did a smoky eye with silver on the lids. I used my Elf Eyeshadow Pallet and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to create this look. Then for the eyeliner I did a thick cat eye with Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Which is one of my all time favorite products!). Then I did a thin line of glitter eyeliner over the black and as my husband said It really made my eyes sparkle. You can get this glitter liner and other colored glitter liners HERE in my Store. I kept my lips very natural since my eyes were so dramatic. All I wore on my lips was some concealer topped with chap stick. It was nice having simple lips, that way I didn't have to stress about them and I could eat all the snacks I wanted knowing they wouldn't smudge.

All my bling I got at Walmart for $5. I picked the Headband up a while ago on clearance at DownEast Basics for $1.60.

Here are my glitterlicious nails! I did the same thing on my toes too. They were so sparkly and blingy that the pictures don't even do them justice. For this look I did glitter nails using Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz and YES it is available in my Store! To create this look I applied a coat of clear polish then I dipped my finger in the glitter and let is sit for about 5 mins then I topped them with one coat of Gleous and on coat of SV. It only took me about 10 mins and they turned out Ah-Mazing!!

This is my Beautiful Sister In Law! I also LOVED her dress! She wore it with some gray tights and amazing blue suede high heels. She took the heels off for this picture since she is already SO much taller then me. Lol don't mind our silly pose and my duck lips we were just having a little too much fun. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my glammed up Sunday Best! What would you where if you got to go to Prom as an adult?

Check out these links for some more beautiful outfits.


  1. An adult prom sounds so fun! I would love that! Doubt my hubs would go for it though. He can be a party pooper sometimes. :)
    Great dress, I can't believe it was only 35!
    So pretty!

  2. What a cool theme! I love your outfit!

    More Modern Modesty

  3. That sequin dress is awesome! I love sequin!

  4. The dress looks fabulous and the idea of an adult prom seems like it would be so much fun.

  5. Awesome . You looking very cute.

    Crystal Custom


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