Monday, January 7, 2013

Julep Madison Swatch & Grace Giveaway

So after the holidays with all the glitter and crazy nail art I had going on, I was in desperate need of a pallet cleanser. For many people pallet cleansers are nudes but for me its really anything without glitter or shimmer. Since I had just received my Julep Maven box for January I decided I'd try one the colors I got. January's box was Escape & Unwind themed and contained one nude and one neon polish and a freaking awesome hand and cuticle stick. So of course I went for the "neon" color out of the two which was Madison.

Julep described Madison as an Electric Hot Pink Neon Creme. Though I would describe it as a Bright Coral Jelly. This color was a PAIN to photograph since it kept turning out red in all the photos. The bottle in the first photo is most color accurate. Madison doesn't have the classic matte finish that most neons have and it is most definitely a squishy jelly. I must say I did LOVE the color and it applied like a dream! I have problems with both jellys and neons being streaky and hard to apply. So I was a bit worried about how it would apply but it went on so smooth and evenly with a beautiful jelly finish. 

When I saw this color in the bottle I thought it was a bright red color but to my surprise it was not. The best part about it is that for the past year I have been searching for a coral that matched my kindle case perfectly. I've purchased more corals than I'd like to admit trying to find the "perfect" one. Then while applying Madison, thinking it was going to be a simple red and having it turn out to be the coral I've been searching for over a  year!!! I was ecstatic!!

Here are all the items that came in this month's box.
Hand & Cuticle Stick, Madison, Grace, Swatch Me Stickers, and 3 Neon hair ties.

If you don't know what the Julep Maven Boxes are I HIGHLY recommend you Check Them Out! To sweeten the deal you can use Promo Code MAVENINTRO to get your intro box for only a Penny! Oh and the cuticle oil that comes in the intro box is fabulous!

I have A LOT of nudes in my nail polish collection and I don't need hair ties with my short hair so great news for all of you! I will be giving Grace (A sheer pink nude) and the hair ties away! Enter below to win!

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  1. Great color!! And what a fun giveaway!! You need to come link this up to my new beauty Linky "Makeup Monday"!! :-)


  2. Awesome I love Julep :)

  3. What a lovely looking you are! I love this

    Crystal Custom


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