Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking Fabulous On Ordinary Days

Do your make-up brushes ever get a mind of their own? How about you hair straightener?
On occasion while getting ready for a completely ordinary day my make-up brushes get a mind of their own and I end up looking like I'm about to go to a red carpet event. I love to have fun with my make-up and I won't apologize for it because it's just so fun to play with.

Here are a few examples of glamours looks for not so glamorous days.

Here the glamour bug struck two of my friends and I... So what better to do then have a just for fun photo shoot.

This is my amazingly beautiful friend Amber Michelle. She is an Actress/ Freelance Make-up artist, she did all our makeup for this shoot. Amber is such a beautiful person inside and out! Love her!

Well thanks for checking out today's silly little post.

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